4 PROVEN Benefits of Yoni Steaming ALL Women Should Know

What is yoni steaming and what does it do?

Also known as vaginal steaming, yoni steaming is an ancient holistic healing technique being revived to help women like you heal, detox and cleanse your most sacred place. 

How can you benefit from yoni steaming?

Your vagina is known for being the most absorbent part of the body which is why it easily absorbs the steam of herbal blends which promote gentle detoxing and cleansing. Some women even use these blends for energetic releases to cut ties with past partners and heal trauma.  

Does it work? Check out 4 PROVEN benefits of yoni steaming!

Healing Reproductive Issues

Use your yoni steam to reduce symptoms of the most common reproductive issues and like:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts 
  • endometriosis 

This practice releases toxins that strengthens and tones your reproductive organs. It also aids in removing any non-essential tissue or cells from your organ, such as:

  • polyps
  • cysts
  • endometrial growths outside the uterus

WHILE promoting a gentle, relaxing sensory experience.

Quick Recovery after Childbirth

Yoni steams are also effective for postpartum recovery and helps promote cleansing, healing, strengthening and restore elasticity to your vaginal walls. 

It's also been used to reduce symptoms of lochia (postpartum bleeding and vaginal discharge) which reduces risks of infection and helps the body return to a normal menstrual cycle. 

***Always make sure to contact your doctor before proceeding!

Regulating Heavy Cramps and Periods

Yoni steams offer relief from intense cramps, inflammation and bloating while helping regulate irregular or  nonexistent menstrual cycles.

Relieves Chronic Infections

If you frequent yeast infections and bv, yoni steaming is a useful treatment to reduce symptoms (like inflammation, odor and discharge) and help maintain a healthy ph balance.

How to steam?

After boiling 6-8 cups of hot water stir in your recommended amount of Yoni Steam Herbs and allow to steep for 1 minute.

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