Can VeeCups actually shorten your period?


There have been a lot of reports of people having a shorter period once they switched over to a menstrual cup, like the Yonitox VeeCups. Even our founder has experienced going from heavy 5-day periods to now easier, 3-day periods. So we decided to look into it. 

There are a couple theories on how this could come to be. One of the ones we were most interested in was the theory that the chemicals in the disposable menstrual products, like tampons and pads on store shelves, actually impacting your period negatively. 

“It could be that the chemicals used, such as fragrances and dyes, irritate the vagina, causing cramping, and possibly affecting blood flow or clotting,” says Superintendent Pharmacist at The Independent Pharmacy Andy Boysan.

Because menstrual cups usually made from medically approved materials (like ours being made of 100% medical-grade silicone), these affects don't happen when using them. This is also good news for users of our disposable products since they are toxin-free. 

It's definitely something that needs more research before there are definitive answers, but the experiences of menstrual cup users is valid and important to note! Who wouldn't want a shorter period?

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