International Women's Month | Recognizing the Women Who Shaped Period Management

Happy International Women’s Month! For the duration of the month, we are going to be highlighting amazing women who have shaped menstrual hygiene as we know it today. Stay tuned for Women’s Wednesdays! 

To start the month off right, we are going to give an overview of the history of menstrual hygiene. Women for centuries have shaped and innovated period care to make it A LOT easier for us than ever before.

Since then, there has been a rise in organic and health-conscience products that focus on the safety of the users - including Yonitox! Period management has undeniably come a long way since the 5th Century but there are still taboos around periods and vaginas. This is widely recognized by organizations and menstruators today are working hard to diminish the stigma. 


Stay tuned this month for our Women's Wednesday Highlights that honor the women that have made period management the way it is today. 

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