Menstruation Inclusivity

Menstruation has been historically viewed as a process that women and girls go through. However, this narrative leaves out the population of transgender, non-binary, and intersex folks who experience menstruation as well. The targeting of period products for women alienates others who don’t identify as a woman and can cause severe body dysmorphia. Even so, let’s not forget that not all individuals who identify as a woman, menstruate! While the conversation surrounding period talk is on a positive shift for women, the stigma still holds back trans men, non-binary, and intersex individuals from feeling comfortable about their periods. 

As sellers (including us at Yonitox!) and consumers, we need to change the conversation to “period products” rather than “feminine products” and include ALL rather than just women. In daily conversation we can be more inclusive with our language by using terms such as “people who have periods” and variations of such. Doing so will open up conversation about menstruation and break the stigma about periods for all who experience periods. 

With Pride Month coming to an end, it does not mean the fight for equality is over. As allies, we can continue to support and provide for our friends in the LGBTQ+ community. Supplying friends with period products who may be uncomfortable purchasing for themselves at the store is a great start!

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