5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Vagina

Vaginas are MAGICAL. They are so magical that they are the most effortless fully-functioning organ that does thousands of amazing things. Your vagina is the only organ in your body that self-cleans … talk about Miss Independent. She actually thrives perfectly fine alone --partners or not! 

Check out these 5 things you may not have known about your own vagina: 

  1. Don’t Get Carried Away With Cleaning It

So there are two parts to this … first you SHOULD know the difference between your vagina and your vulva. Your vulva has very similar skin to the rest of your body and can be cleaned using the same soap / cleanser you would normally use on the rest of your skin.

But your vagina, that is special sis! Your vagina has naturally low PH and doesn’t require much since it is programmed to self clean to maintain a healthy state on it’s own. So you shouldn’t really do too much down there. Avoid shoving soaps up there in effort to clean it. Instead focus on cleaning your vulva, drink water, and do your Yoni Steams … you will have a magical va-jay-jay in no time!

  1. Your Clitoris Has Thousands of Nerves

The clitoris has only one true function: providing sensational sexual pleasure. With that said, it is EXTREMELY sensitive and has more nerves than any other organ, literally anywhere. It is estimated to have over 8 thousand nerve endings, which is why we see fireworks when we climax. So ladies, just know you are packing some heat, literally!

  1. It’s Not ALL About The G Spot

Don’t believe the hype, it’s not always about the G Spot; in fact that is only one pathway to pleasure. There are actually four pathways to pleasure in a woman’s body. Why? Well because there are four different nerves that immaculately deliver pleasure:

The pelvic hypogastric, your sensory vagus, and the pudendal nerves.

All of these genital areas work together to supply your body with the one of a kind sensation you feel during sex. So even if he can’t “find your spot” … there are other ways to truly enjoy the ride!

  1. Your Vagina Is Very Acidic

It’s true, your vagina IS acidic. It actually has a pH balance that is very similar to a glass of wine. A little acidity is actually a good thing for bringing about hormonal balance down there. But you should know, this is why you must be very careful what products you use because one wrong product can result in an irritated and inflamed va-jay-jay. 

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Period Panties?! That’s right! Invest in a pair of period panties and it will change your life. These panties are leak proof and stain proof! You can live carefree while prancing around in just period panties, with no need to change a pad or tampon again while on your period. Simply throw them in the wash and wear them again!

  1. Your Clitoris Can Be As Large As A Penis

Surprise! That just blew your mind, right? Well believe it or not the entire clitoris, which wraps completely around the back of the vagina is about 70 percent the size of an actual penis. So girlfriend, in actuality … we are true woMEN.

Be honest, did you learn something today? Share your Vagina stories with us on Instagram Stories. We want to hear all about how you’ve encountered a moment where you learned something new about your own vagina. Make sure you use the #Yonitox hashtag and tag us so that we can keep up!

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