Back To School Period Survival Guide

Worried about getting your period when school is back in session? Dealing with your cycle during the school year doesn’t have to be the end of the road. In fact, with proper planning this phobia can be eliminated fully. While back to school season is an exciting time for most, for some it can be daunting especially if your monthly is around the corner. Here are some of our favorite hacks that will ensure your back to school experience is smooth sailing, even if there is a “period” at the end of it.


  1.   Track everything from your school agenda to your monthly cycle. Whether you use a phone or a notebook. You should always have an agenda that tracks important dates, deadlines and most importantly your monthly. I know you think you can remember everything on your own, but with class in session you need to be much more prepared. Tracking your cycles doesn’t have to be the hardest task, thankfully our smart phones are equipped with tons of tracking apps that remind us when we should start and finish a period, and even ovulate for safe family planning. This proper-planning method makes your life much easier around the time your period arrives so that you can know and prepare for a healthy period window.


  1.   Stock up on period necessities. Part of proper planning is ensuring that you have everything you need for success. Just like you prepare for class with school supplies, you should also be preparing for your monthly cycle with period supplies. Stocking up on a few month’s worth of feminine hygiene products will guarantee that you always have everything you need, especially if you live on campus without transportation. That’s when Yonitox’s awesome subscription program comes into hand! Yonitox can deliver all of your period needs to your mailroom on a monthly basis. Pads, tampons, period cups, period panties … you name it, Yonitox has it. And the best part is, Yonitox is plant based with natural ingredients making it the safer option for our lady parts.


  1.     Catch some ZzZz’s. Believe it or not, sleep is the most important step when planning for success at the start of the school year. Lack of sleep not only affects your performance in school but it also affects your how bad your menstrual can be. A poor sleep routine leads to fatigue, extreme cramps, and increase in PMS. Who wants a bad attitude at the start of the school year?


  1.     Plan for emergencies. Sometimes things happen. Our period surprises us, we have a heavier flow due to added stress, who knows what else. Planning for emergencies is the best way to make sure you aren’t caught up in an embarrassing moment when your period starts at school. Stash your feminine hygiene products in places that you can easily get to. Create an emergency kit with all of your favorite period aids, some of which should be pain relief, herbal tea, and Yonitox’s yoni steams.

After all is said and done, we’ve all been down the road of embarrassments around “that time of the moment.” Never feel ashamed. Speak with someone you trust, create a plan, and take your time with getting to know your daily scheduling. With these hacks, your back-to-school process will be a breeze. We hope everyone has an amazing and safe school year!


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