Black History Month | Recognizing Black-Led Menstrual Activism Organizations

Hello Yonitox Tribe! 

February is Black History Month. Although we are going to spend this month to recognizing the African American menstrual activists who are contributing to our feminine history, we also want to emphasize that Black History is American History and we will be celebrating black advocates all year. 

For this week, we are going to highlight black-led menstrual equity organizations that are currently working to mitigate period poverty through charity, advocacy, and activism. 

Half of the world’s population menstruates yet there is disparity between who has access to necessary products and who does not. Menstrual equity is defined as the equal access, safety, and affordability of personal hygiene products. 


​#HappyPeriod has the mission to be a ‘catalyst for the advancement of menstrual care for Black people with periods’. They do this through distributing unwanted pads and tampons to those in need and advocacy. 

Flo Code

Based in Austin, Flo Code has donated 330,00 menstrual products to 30+ organizations, shelters and natural disaster victims. Founded by Lamanda Ballard, Flo Code is focused on charity, community, and happiness. 

Our Periods Matter

Empowering communities through distributing kits of hygiene products to those experiencing homelessness. The organization was started in November 2016 by Jackie Edouard and Zakia Haughton, and since then has held fundraisers and sponsored ‘Pack Parties’ to create hygiene kits.

Code Red Co.

Through the use of educational resources, Code Red Co. has worked to destigmatize periods and end taboo surrounding menstruation.


An initiative based in Kenya in awareness for women and girls in Kenya. The pandemic further highlighted the struggles of menstruators so they have organized local drives to distribute products to those in need.


Throughout the month, we are going to be highlighting black activists in celebration of their contributions to racial and gender equality. 

If there are more activists and organizations that you want to see highlighted, please email and let us know! 

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