Has Covid-19 Really Affected Our Period Health?

We are over 6-months into quarantining and it looks like Sister Covid-isha ain’t letting up, okay!? Seriously, the answer is resounding… COVID-19 has affected our period health in more ways than we can imagine. The most astonishing part is that it effects each woman different. Let’s check out some ways it may have left an effect on you:


Much Added Stress

As if having a period wasn’t enough to fire off our stressors. Now we have the added pressures of living during a pandemic mixed in. Our daily routines have changed, life is nothing like it once was and this could be negatively affecting you making PMS-like symptoms start much sooner than expected. Remember, this are uncertain times. It is best to focus on the things we can control, like creating a stress-free environment to dwell in throughout the day.


Mismanaging Your Birth Control

Anyone slacking on their pill? Thanks to Covid-19 most of our schedules and routines have been all out of whack. Consequently, more and more women are mismanaging their birth control methods. Whether you’re taking your pills late or skipping them altogether, this can have a negative effect on your period health. Despite being home and having no true schedule, try your best to stick to a consistent routine when taking your birth control. You will find yourself more balanced, and your body will thank you, especially when “aunt flow” arrives.


Bad Eating Impacting Your Period

Part of being stuck in the house during this time means lots of us are binge eating. Whether you’re working from home or just Netflix and Chilling, you want to make sure you are dodging the trash snacks and upping your intake of foods that aid in suppressing anxiety and managing stress. Go for water-foods like cucumber, watermelon, grapes, and tomatoes, all of which are known to have antioxidants that calm you.


Cabin-Fever Mood Swings

And lastly, Covid-19 has most of our mood swings popping off left and right! Being stuck inside can really ruin your mood. You eventually feel like the walls are closing in on you. To avoid early PMS-symptoms during COVID-19 you should safely enjoy fresh air. Whether it’s sitting out on your patio for your morning coffee, or going for a nice walk during lunch time. Create a routine that includes stepping outside (safely) to enjoy fresh air and much needed Vitamin D. You’d be surprised at how much simple sunlight can help suppress mood swings, anxiety, and depression.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms be sure to follow these simple steps for getting back on the right track. If you are experiencing extreme conditions like abnormal bleeding, extreme pain, or more, consult with your doctor right away to rule out anything more serious. 


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