How Period Panties Can Save Your Dorm Experience

Dorm room living isn’t for the faint at heart. It’s tough living in a shared space, then add the pressure of social distancing on top of things. We can see why so many college students are struggling to adjust to this new way of life. 


At Yonitox we care most about our customer’s health and safety first and foremost, so we are here to offer a bit of advice on how you can address your period needs while living in a dorm during a pandemic. 


First off, invest in our period panties. Trust us, you’ll thank us later! We understand the concept of period panties can be daunting for some, but once you get past the initial shocker of only wearing panties during your menstrual, you’ll find how much of a relief period panties actually can be.


Picture this, you live on 4thfloor of a ladies’ dorm. That 4thfloor has roughly 30 other female students on the same floor as you. There are only two public-style bathrooms that have 5 showers in each, so your time and space is very limited. Your period is coming and in addition to having little-to-no personal time in the bathroom, you have the much-added stress of social distancing and being careful of the things you touch because … germs!


What do you do? How can you plan to conquer this month’s menstrual without losing your mind?


This is where Yonitox’s Period Panties come into play!


If you are in this difficult position and you had a few days-worth of Yonitox’s Period Panties, you could skip out on running to the bathroom every few minutes to change your pad or tampon. In fact, you could wear these period panties or upward of a few hours without worrying about leaks or changing them, depending on how heavy your flow is.


The best part is, they are easy to wash and can be stored just like your regular every day panties.


So, why else do we love period panties? If you’re used to only using disposable menstrual supplies like pads, tampons, and lines then you can imagine why period panties are a huge deal. Period panties feel like normal underwear but Yonitox’s Period Panties are designed with a special layer that absorbs your menstrual flow.


Not only do these panties eliminate waste, they bring a sense of normalcy back to your life since you no longer have to change your disposable feminine care throughout the day. Plus, period panties save you a few extra bucks. Once you make the initial investment into a week’s worth of panties, you can kiss paying for pads and tampons goodbye.


As a student in a crowded dorm-room, Yonitox Period Panties may just be the answers to your menstrual prayers. If you are a period panty supporter chime in on the discussion on our Instagram page. Be sure to tag us @yonitoxwomen and we will keep the conversation going!


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