I AM Woman Hear Me Roar : Women’s Health & Fitness Day 2020

Women’s Health and Fitness Day 2020 is around the corner. This year, September 20, we will observe a national day that empowers and uplifts women across the nation. While COVID-19 has greatly affected some of the major events that were originally planned, #TEAMYONITOX would like to share with you ways you can support Women’s Health Day this year:


  1.     Grab your girl tribe and head outdoors for a safe social distance hike

We all could use a little girl-time. Let’s face it, most of us haven’t seen our friends in months thanks to the current pandemic we are living in. So getting out of the house in a safe manner may be a cure to all of our stressors; it also helps that we will be around other women that remind us of how strong we actually are. So grab your best girls, mask up, remain 6 feet apart and hit your favorite hiking trail around town. Enjoy a nice packed lunch on the other side of victory as you and your crew discuss all things related to women’s health, specifically during a pandemic.


  1.     Attend a webinar about reducing stress and anxiety

Webinars are the new method for ‘on the scene’ event experiences for many of us. Since we can’t physically be near each other, it’s only right that we share our resources from a safe distance. Find your favorite wellness guru and join in on the conversation of managing stress and anxiety. If you are looking for a resource for finding webinars, Eventbrite is a platform that allows you to search for virtual events in the category of your choice. 


  1.     Learn to incorporate mindfulness in your daily life

If you’re looking for a personal way to support the movement, learn to practice more mindful moments throughout the day and share your journey with your support. Using the hashtag #WomensHealthDay will not only elevate your voice to the cause but it shares your story with the masses. If you are searching for tips for mindfulness our favorite meditation instructor Precious Avorkliyah of Modern Therapy Now has a meditation guide called Just Breathe that is sure to steer you in the right direction.


  1.     Support your favorite women’s health brand

At Yonitox we pride ourselves with not only supporting other women’s health brands but aligning ourselves with them too. If you are looking to share your support through investing your hard-earned dollars into a women’s health brand there are hundreds that you can pour into. Our favorite of course, is our own. Yonitox carries plant-based feminine hygiene products for every woman on a mission. With our subscription program you can receive each month’s worth of supplies right to your door making period-planning so much easier. Check out our products and learn how easy it is to join our subscription program!


  1.     Send an evolving young-lady a thinking of you gift during this time

Last but not least, pour into the life of someone else. If you know a young lady that could use encouragement on women’s health and it’s importance, share your resources with her. Whether it be a Yonitox gift card for her to try her own plant-based feminine hygiene products, or a FREE month subscription delivered to her door. Maybe she’ll enjoy our new Yoni Pearls that offer the ultimate Yoni Detox. Whatever you choose, it’s so refreshing to know that you are thinking of another powerful woman and encouraging her to put her body and her health first. 


So happy National Women’s Health and Fitness Day to you, sis! May you inspire, empower, and evolve into the greatest version of yourself. Here’ to more powerful women who live healthy and full lives.


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