Period Struggles In A Pandemic

We are knee deep in the middle of the first major pandemic of our lifetime. Most people have felt some sort of stress due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. Whether it’s fear of actually getting the virus, suddenly being out of work, stress from having the kids home every day without a break, or just plain cabin fever.


The truth is, this stress may have caused your body to become imbalanced and do some weird things. It may also have a negative affect on your monthly period. 


Anxiety and stress from the pandemic can easily affect your cycle in more ways than one. It may bring your cycle to a halt because our bodies naturally know when we are stressed and signals the body to push safety over ovulation, because creating a baby in a stressful situation normally a chosen method.


It can also cause heavier or lighter periods and make your symptoms seem more pronounced and worst than normal.


And the worst part, in a pandemic when you are social distancing and avoiding stores in general, you still need to stock up on feminine hygiene products. The fear can easily set in, but Yonitox has you covered. Their deliver-to-your-door subscription is perfect for times like this. You can purchase a recurring order of tampons and pads for regular, super, and overnight flow.


If you are struggling to find the balance your vagina needs due to high stress from the pandemic, then you could benefit from Yonitox’s Yoni Steams. These all natural herbs can help restore your vaginal health bringing back the sense of normalcy you desperately need.


Unfortunately stress can cause your period to be irregular, but this doesn’t have to be your new-normal. With proper self-care and a healthy vaginal health regimen, like the convenient lifestyle Yonitox offers, you can rekindle a sense of normalcy back to your period life even during difficult times.


Be safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and subscribe to YoniTox’s Delivery Period Care.

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