PMS & Period Pimple Popping

Ok, so we have all been there. That feeling when you can not only feel your period coming on but also see it with your facing breaking out in some new zits. 

Historically, this would have been kind of annoying that not only do we have to manage our periods but also have to "deal" with our zits. The thing is that even though, yes, period acne is annoying and just adds to what comes around every month, I almost (big emphasis on almost) welcome them because they show me that I need to get my period products ready to go. 

So, why do these pimples come around the time of our periods? 

The short answer: hormones. The long answer? Estrogen and progesterone are at it once again when they contribute to increased oil and bacteria production which can lead to breakouts. 

What does a period breakout look like? For some people, they can have clear skin throughout the month and as soon as their period is about to come, they will experience a breakout. Even for those who have acne before their period, they might see it worsen around their period time. 

The most important thing about breakouts is that they are normal and not to be ashamed of! Of course everyone gets them and sure, it isn’t ideal but these zits are temporary! It is, however, important to not pop them because this can lead to scarring. A better way to treat acne is through using a gentle exfoliator and to take care of your skin by cleaning it properly while your hormones are increasing or changing. Other skin care options are possible like using patches or acne cream - basically anything you would usually do to treat your acne without popping anything! 

Periods can be a turbulent time for more reasons than but don’t add more to your plate by popping your zits. Take care of your acne by cleansing, resting, and eating well. And Yonitox...of course.

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