Saving the planet, one menstrual cup at a time


If you want to pay the favor back to her, try switching over to a menstrual cup - a reusable and greener option for period care. 

Climate change is continuously looming and our impact on the environment is important now more than ever. While we have been used to disposable products like pads and tampons, it is undeniable that they create a lot of waste between plastic applicators, plastic packaging, and non-biodegradable products. In the US alone, it is estimated that there are approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons thrown away each year. 

While Yonitox products are wrapped with biodegradable paper, our more environmentally conscious item is definitely the menstrual cup.

Celebrating Earth Month this year can be done with some tangible steps - especially switching over to a VeeCup and eliminating waste in our period care routine!

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