Soothing Teas To Sip During Your Menstrual

There’s something about sipping on a hot cup of tea that is immediately soothing for a woman on her menstrual cycle. The warmth and comfort hot tea provides can relieve a crampy tummy and bring calm to restless nerves.  Not sure which tea to enjoy while on you menstrual cycle here are some of our favorite soothing teas to sip on during our monthly cycle.

Teas to Enjoy


Chamomile tea is a must have for your cupboard during your monthly cycle. There is a growing body of evidence supporting its benefit to reduce menstrual cramps.  Derived from chamomile flowers chamomile tea is often paired with lavender to aid in relaxation and sleep.


Ginger has long been trusted to relieve nausea during pregnancy for expectant mothers.  Beyond pregnancy ginger tea has a place in the cups of menstruating women. Research suggest that ginger protects against inflammation, by disengaging prostaglandins as a result menstrual cramps are reduced and pain relieved.  


If you’re thinking tea flavored with raspberry flavoring think again. Raspberry leaf tea is a mild tea with plenty of Vitamin A, C, & E. It has a reputation for aiding in fertility, jump starting labor, relieving symptoms of PMS, and easing women’s menstrual flow. It has a somewhat bitter taste similar to black tea which can make it difficult for some women to sip. If the taste is too bitter, try adding a small amount of coconut milk and raw honey to your cup to enjoy.


Mint tea is one of our favorite caffeine free teas to sip on during our menstrual cycle. It doesn’t need any additional sweeteners for us to enjoy and it really helps to soothe the stomach.

Tea Tips

If you are a novice to sipping tea here a few tips to enjoy your cup:

Already prepared tea bags are easy, but you can also steep your own tea with a steeper and a bag of loose tea.

Allow your tea to seep for 3-5 minutes before sipping. This allows the herbs to brew for maximum efficacy when you sip.

Try sipping your tea with minimal to no sugar. If you must add a sweetener try a small pinch of honey.

Tea has a long shelf life however once opened it can expire and lose flavor. Check expiration dates and discard expired tea.




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