Swimming while menstruating

With pandemic restrictions lifting in the U.S., more individuals getting vaccinated, I know we’re all itching to resume our summer activities to make up for last year's lockdown. Keeping it cool by the pool, tanning on the beach, going on an epic road trip; all wholesome summer fun. BUT, your period makes no exception for your vacation. When it’s time to flow, your period will flow. We’ve all been there in grade school, and maybe even now: a period arriving the day you’re headed to the beach or pool. 

While periods in the summer seem like they arrive at the most inconvenient times, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy water activities. There are many misconceptions about swimming while on your period, many based on fear-mongering than factual information. First, it’s entirely safe to swim while you’re bleeding. If you’d rather not bleed onto your swimsuit you would want to opt for tampons, menstrual cups (like Yonitox VeeCups!), or other internal period products to collect your flow. Pads aren’t the best choice since they are made to absorb fluid, which isn’t wise if you’re submerged in a body of water. 


Mostly fueled by movies and shows, people fear attracting sharks while swimming in open waters and menstruating. Unfortunately for us, sharks aren’t just attracted to period blood. Their sense of smell is strong and can detect any bodily fluids, from sweat, urine, and period blood. Even so, rest assured it is still highly unlikely a shark will attack you. There is also currently no scientific data that suggest an increase in shark attacks while menstruating. 

So don't let your period stop you from enjoying the water! You may find that swimming can help relieve your cramps too. Menstrual product or none at all, what’s your preferred product to wear while swimming?

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