Frequently Asked Questions

What size tampons and pads do you offer?

Currently we offer light, regular, and super sized tampons. Regular and super sized pads. We will have more sizes available soon.

Can I only buy one size?

No. You can mix the sizes to fit your needs.

What should I expect for my first order?

When joining our community, you will receive your first order in a customized subscription box and burlap bag. All recurring orders will be packaged in a BPA Free plastic refill bag.

When will my package ship?

Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your first order to be processed and shipped. All recurring orders will be processed according to the day you choose.You will receive a tracking confirmation for each order.

How do I cancel?

Log into your customer portal and cancel anytime.

What if my period is irregular?

No worries, you can purchase as needed or pause your subscription as you see fit. 

Why should I choose your products?

Our products are 100% organic cotton and free of weird ingredients that don’t belong in your V.

How many products will I receive?

Light flow= 12 products Regular flow= 16 products Heavy flow= 24 products