How often should you use herbal steam?

Once a week, with the exception of the week of mensuration.

When to use your herbal steam? 

24-48hrs Before your cycle and 24-48hrs after your cycle. 

 Can you use a Herbal Steam along with Pearls? 

No, one at a time. Herbal steam first and pearls 72hrs after herbal steam. 

How far apart should you wait before using products?


 How long should I leave my yoni cup in? 

Up to 12hrs

How long should I use my yoni cup before ordering another one? 

Change cups out quarterly (every 3 months).

How to clean my yoni cup?

 After washing your cup with hot water and soap, you can place it in boiling water to fully sanitize it before your next period. It's recommended that you place your cup inside of a metal whisk and leave it in a pot of boiling water for only one to two minutes.

How to wash my period panties? 

Washing machine, delicate cycle 

How many steams come with my herbs? 

You will get 10 steams out of 1 bag of herbs. (1/4 cup per steam) 

 Should my period panties feel tight? 

Yes, we advise that you get your period panties a size up because they naturally run small. The reason for the security is to ensure that there are no leaks. 

How to properly insert a tampon? 

So you want to make sure that you are at a 45 degree angle first. Before inserting the application make sure that the plunger is pulled all the way out. Insert applicator and then push plunger forward. You may want to twist applicator to make sure the actual tampon is inserted, then gently remove applicator. 

 What’s the difference in organic super pads vs organic super regular pads? 

While most tampons /pads are made out of cotton, some traditional tampons/pads are made out of synthetic fibers. ... Organic tampons/pads are made from cotton that is not treated with pesticides and does not contain any type of chemicals for bleaching or odor control.

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