period care irritation isn't normal.

 At Yonitox, we're no longer normalizing uncomfortable symptoms that oppose feminine wellness. Break the cycle with toxin free products. 


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Customer Reviews

"Great product, I've ordered from Yonitox several times and have NOT been disappointed!"

Sharolyn., Organic Pads

"The BEST!! I was so skeptical, wondering how do these even work? The absorption is sooo good! NO LEAK, NO MESS, NO ODOR… they are comfortable, you can wear them with no fear! I received my order in 1 day. I'm buying more and definitely recommend to all ladies get these NOW."

NaAsia H., Organic Pads

"I just started using @yonitoxwomen leak-proof period panties and they're amazingggg! We never gotta do a 'pants check' again, it's lit!"

Kira J., Panties 

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4 layers of protection. Leak proof. Odor Resistant. Absorbs the equivalent of 4 tampons.

The Cup That Collects Your Flow

VeeCup by Yonitox is made with 100% Medical Grade Silicone

  • Menstrual Cup Benefits:
    • -Wear up to 12 hours 
    • -BPA Free
    • -Safe for overnight use
    • -Reusable


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Period Stories

"I remember starting my period in the 6th grade while sitting in math class. The cramps were unbearable but I was so ashamed of bleeding that I suffered silently"

"After popping tampons out of a plastic tube for years. I finally discovered the purpose for the plastic tubes at the age of 27. Yes, I didn't know how to properly use applicator tampons. This is why period education is so important."

"A few years ago, my doctor prescribed me birth control to stop my periods instead of educating me on the toxins and chemicals that were in my feminine care products; which contributed to my cramps. Let's talk about covering real issues with a band-aid."