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Periods, here I come!  ⭐

Periods can be tricky because it's something new and unfamiliar happening to your body.
We will be there with you every step of the way! 

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Period Panties

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Period panties

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Why we love these....

Period panties have got you covered, all day long ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Period Panties absorbs your flow flawlessly without feeling bulky. They're made with breathable cotton that draws away wetness, neutralizes odor, and prevents leaks so your clothes, sheets, and everything else stays stain-free.
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Teen Softies
Teen Softies
Teen Softies
Teen Softies
Teen Softies
Teen Softies
Teen Softies

Teen Softies

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Yonitox teen & tween

How do they work?

How do I use period panties?

One of the best parts of period panties is that they are super easy to use! You just put them on like a pair of underwear and can go the whole day without changing them. 

How much fluid do they hold?

Period panties are able to hold up to 4 tampons worth of fluid. 

Won't that feel wet? How do they absorb the fluid?

That's a great question! These panties are made with a special 4 layers, each working to wick away any moisture. 

How many will I need for my period?

Because you can reuse these panties and they are good for the whole day, we suggest our 5-pack for a whole period. If you just want to try them or want extra protection with other period care, try the 1-pack or 3-pack! 

How do I take care of them/clean them after I use them?

They are super easy to clean! Simply rinse the panties until the water runs clear, throw them in the washing machine with cold water, and air dry or use medium heat to dry!


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