About Us

Yonitox Care Company is a minority-owned period brand based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing organic and toxin-free period care for all menstruators.  
Where it started 🟣 

Yonitox started when the founder, Ivory Bethea, recognized the need for transparent, safe, and inclusive period care. 85% of menstruators unknowingly use pads and tampons that are infused with chemicals; these chemicals can negatively impact the health of menstruators and we don't even know about it.

Where we are 💜 
Since starting in 2018, we are proud to say that we have built a company that is focused on the wellbeing of our community and menstruators everywhere. We continue to provide organic and toxin-free disposable period care, along with safe reusable products, and holistic wellness products. 
Where it's going 🔮
This is just the start for Yonitox; we are going to continue evolving our products to make sure we are meeting the needs of menstruators, the planet, and our greater community. We are expanding to accomodate the needs of all ages and identities. We are giving back and taking a strong stance in the fight for period equity. And we are so excited. 💜

Learn more about Yonitox founder, Ivory 💜

and toxin-free
period care for all

As of 2019, 85% of menstruators are unknowingly using pads and tampons that are infused with chemicals. Yonitox is changing that.

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