Our Mission

Hi, we’re the founders of YoniTox and after years of watching women battle various female health issues, including:
⁃ painful cramps
⁃ persistent bacteria infections
⁃ fibroids
⁃ endometriosis
⁃ infertility
⁃ miscarriages
⁃ hysterectomies
we recognized that there is a need to shift the focus toward preventative care rather than treatment.

We asked ourselves why so many women were plagued with these feminine health issues? Moreover, what lifestyle changes could we make that helps protect our daughters from being plagued with the same ailments? Our research revealed that the manufacturing process along with materials and toxic chemicals found in traditional pads and tampons, had always been a contributing factor in a vast majority of feminine health issues.

With this in mind, we set out to create a product for women by women with our health as the #1 focus. No more compromising our bodies for the sake of leak coverage, affordability, convenience and comfort. We want it all!

YoniTox offers a wide range of absorbency options – from light to super plus, just like traditional pad + tampon companies. However, our products are entirely hypoallergenic, completely safe, affordable and don’t forget, we deliver them directly to your front door each month. It’s the totally care-free approach to feminine hygiene that we’ve all dreamed of!

Hassle Free
Toxin Free
Healthy Feminine Care
No toxins! No secrets!
Period Care TheWay It Should Be

Meet The Team

Ivory Bethea
Latoya Bond
Chief Marketing Officer