How Veecups make life simpler...


Our VeeCup is made with 100% medical grade silicone with a soft touch so that you feel safe putting this inside your body


VeeCup is reusable and easy to clean. With proper care it can last a year and replaces tampons and pads


You can safely wear your VeeCup up to 12 hours without leaks or discomfort. Once inserted properly, the cup stays in place.


The average menstruator spends at least $2,000 on tampons and pads throughout their lifetime. Purchase once and use again.
How to insert?

Tightly fold the cup into a "C" and insert the cup with the rim facing up like you would a tampon. It should sit a few inches below your cervix. Once the cup is inserted, rotate it. 

How to remove?

Pinch the base of the sport style cup or insert the tip of your finger into the opening of the ring style cup. Wiggle the cup to break the seal and remove it at an angle facing the toilet, then empty.

How to clean?

Gently rinse the VeeCup in hot water for 30 seconds. We recommend that you apply our foam cup cleanser to remove all bacteria or place the cup in our steam sterilizer machine to steam clean.

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Wear up to 12 hours a day
  • Easy to insert & remove
  • Holds 4 super tampons worth
  • Reusable & Cost Saving
Ring Style: We recommend the ring style cup to beginners and those with fingernail length. The ring style cup is made with a circular stim that makes it super easy to remove.

Sport Style: We recommend the sport style to those who are familiar with cups and/or physically active. The sport cup is made with an easy to pull stem that's slimmer than the ring style.

Veecups comes in three sizes to accommodate all flows from light to heavy. Learn more about VeeCups insertion and care on our blog and Instagram!
  • Light Flow
  • Regular Flow
  • Heavy Flow
  • Ring
  • Sport

Sport Cup VS Ring Cup

Why a Sport Style VeeCup?

Sport style VeeCups are made with a stim handle to twist the cup when inserting and pull the cup down when removing. This cup is recommended for all users.

Why a Ring Style VeeCup?

Ring style VeeCups are made with a ring shaped handle for your finger to easily grab to twist when inserting and pull when removing. This style is recommended for beginners and long nails.

Which Style VeeCup is Better?

Truth be told, they're both amazing. Both styles are designed to accomodate your lifestyle + flow.

Customer Reviews

Honeyyyy, I finally used my reusable yoni v-cup (large for heavy flow) and I’m GLAD I bought it. No leaks, so comfortable that I forget I’m on my cycle and love the feeling of no pads or worrying if it’s placed right. All while saving money!! Can’t go wrong with this purchase. Invest ladies!


Jan 2021
I am a believer! I was always curious about trying menstrual cups but I’m so glad I finally did. I have a pretty heavy cycle. So I have to change it a few times a day but I no longer have to deal with leaks on my bed at night which trumps everything. If you’ve ever even thought about trying a menstrual cup this is the one to try!


Nov 2020

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