Yoni Steam

What is a Yoni Steam?

 A vaginal steam “yoni Steam” is an effective and relaxing way to help heal and balance a variety of health and wellness issues. yoni Steams are ph balanced to help the body naturally cleanse the vaginal and uterine linings in a safe and gentle way.

3 Yoni Steams = 1 Steam Kit


How Yoni Steams Work?

yoni steams works by applying moist heat to the pelvic floor, which heals the exterior tissues of the vagina as well as throughout the entire body via the blood stream. The warm steam and natural essential oils from the plants nourish and tone the vaginal and uterine tissues While improving circulation. the steams alleviate symptoms caused by, or related to, congestion in these tissues.




Bring 8 cups of water to a soft boil over medium heat. Add 1/4 cup of  Yonitox herbs to the boiling water and cover the pot with a top. Continue to boil for an additional 7 minutes. Ensure not to over boil. Take the pot off of the heat and allow herbs to steep for an extra 5 minutes. 



Next, pour your steamy herbs into the bowl that you will use for steaming. Test the temperature by placing your hand over the rising steam. If it is too hot, let the steam cool until it reaches a level of heat that is comfortable for you. You are now ready to steam. 



Finally, sit over the bowl and allow the steam to permeate your yoni (vagina) for 20-40 minutes until you can no longer feel the steam. Empty the bowl into the toilet and flush. Sterilize your bowl for the next use.

Herbs & Benefits


A truly relaxing herb lavender properties help promote  menstrual flow  whilst emotionally the aroma help to soothe and calm those hormone rushes.


Astringent, tonifying and cleansing, yarrow is great for regulating menstrual flow, treating ovarian cysts and supporting overall uterine health..


Aids in healing of scar tissue, vaginal tears, or hemorrhoids.


An aromatic and antimicrobial herb, rosemary treats bacterial infection, speeds wound healing, inhibits yeast growth, and stimulates menstruation.

Rose Petals

A relaxing, uplifting and astringent herb that is wonderful for pampering.


In addition to fighting infection through its antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, mugwort balances female hormones and stimulates the production of hormones that help to maintain uterine health as well as protect the uterus from things such as ulcers and tumors.


Wormwood has natural emmenagogue properties which basically means that it can help stimulate menstruation and help regulate the cycle of menstruation.

Burdock Root

strengthens the uterus, improves hormonal balance, helps relieve congestion, cleansing for all of the body, detoxes blood stream, anti-inflammatory, detox excess estrogen causing fibroids.


- Do not steam while on your period. Steaming while bleeding can be dangerous because the steam speeds up the blood flow and can cause heavy bleeding. Do not steam if you have an IUD. The steam can shift the device out of place.

- Do not steam while pregnant. Steaming while pregnant can be dangerous because the steam relaxes and opens the cervix, which could result in miscarriage or early labor.

-Since steaming introduces heat to the body it might trigger hot flashes and should probably be avoided when hot flashes are present.

- Ensure that the vaginal steam seat is sturdy and that it is placed far enough above the steam not to cause a burn.

-We recommend that you wait 24 hours after a Yoni Steam to have sexual intercourse.

- Yonitox Steam Seats are made of BPA-Free plastic so there are no harmful chemicals used during the manufacturing process.

- After sexual intercourse you may steam to eliminate risk of bacterial infection.

- We recommend that you steam once a week with the exception of your menstruating week for best results. Please allow 72 hours between steam sessions.

WARNING: If you have a specific medical condition or specific symptoms, yoni steams may be contraindicated. yoni steams should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment.  please see a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any physical or mental ailment. This information is meant for general guidance only and cannot be construed as recommendation. The suggestions do not take into account allergies, sensitivities, pregnancies, medication or any other health issues which may impact on the use of  any of the plants. Naturopathic consultations and assessment are recommended on an individual basis. For correct use please request advice from a qualified herbalist, aromatherapist or health practitioner before using.

IMPORTANT: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As always please consult with your physician if you are nursing pregnant or have any other issues. Use your own discretion before use of any alternative healing methods.